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Payments Processed on the MC website (through ClubExpress)

How secure are credit card transactions through ClubExpress?

Like any merchant who accepts credit cards, The Mothers' Club of St. Joseph School (through ClubExpress) must follow the rules of the Payment Card Industry (PCI).  Because of ClubExpress' size, the rules they must follow are much more stringent than your local dry cleaner.  ClubExpress is fully PCI Compliant; credit card transactions are performed, from end-to-end, fully encrypted, so the transaction itself is secure.  We only store data we are allowed to store and, even then, it is heavily encrypted.

What are the fees associated with credit card transactions?

Visa, Mastercard and Discover 2.39% + 20¢
American Express (can be disabled) 3.30% + 20¢
Chargebacks $15.00

What happens with a canceled event or a credit to my membership?

If you need to cancel a transaction or receive a credit for an event or item, please contact the Chairperson for that event first.  She will coordinate with the Treasurer to make sure the transaction is handled properly.  ClubExpress does not "credit" back a credit card transaction, rather, a credit is issued to the member to be used for future transactions in the same fiscal/school year.  If you would like to receive funds back immediately, please fill out a Check Request Form and send it to both the Chairperson of the event and the Treasurer.

This page has been updated for the 2019-2020 school year.