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About Us

The Mothers’ Club of St. Joseph School was founded in 1953. It remains an organization where parents, who desire to enhance the educational experience of the students, participate in enrichment programs and fundraising activities. Throughout the years, The Mothers’ Club of St. Joseph School has served as a vital adjunct to the school’s educational and extracurricular activities.

The single guiding principle of The Mothers’ Club is active participation for the benefit of our children. The Mothers’ Club devotes considerable time and energy in developing and executing its programs. Volunteerism is essential to the success of The Mothers’ Club.

What is most exciting about The Mothers’ Club is meeting and working with other parents / legal guardians and the St. Joseph School administration to evaluate the children’s needs and deciding how best The Mothers’ Club can fulfill them. This ensures that the money raised is well spent and directly benefits the children of St. Joseph School. With the continued dedication, talents, and contributions of its members, The Mothers’ Club looks forward to continuing to serve and inspire the children of St. Joseph School.

This page has been updated for the 2019-2020 school year.